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Thorsnes Bartolotta McGuire’s class action and mass tort team has recovered hundreds of millions of dollars for clients and class members injured by defective products, and/or deceived by false and fraudulent business practices.

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Our class action and mass tort practice includes false advertising claims, fraudulent business practice claims, defective medical devices, dangerous pharmaceuticals, false/fraudulent billing practices involving Medicare and the United States Government, and many other claims involving protection of consumers and policy holders.

Below are our more notable cases. If you cannot find one similar to yours, please call as this list only represents a few of the business litigation cases we have handled.

Thorsnes Bartolotta McGuire is currently litigating several pending class actions on behalf of hundreds of thousands of California consumers against Costco, LensCrafters, Target, and Wal-Mart for providing illegal eye exams that put patients’ eye health at risk. CLICK TO LEARN MORE

Roman Catholic Bishop of San Diego v. Readers Digest

$40,000,000.00 settlement obtained for members of the class against Readers Digest for a magazine subscription/school fund raising sales scheme.

U.S.A./Colunga v. Hercules, Inc., et al.

The largest settlement ($55,000,000) in the history of the False Claims Act where the Government did not intervene in the action, and was larger than all the prior such settlements combined. This Qui Tam action filed in the U.S. District Court in Utah involved an action in the name of the U.S. Government for damages arising from the falsification of manufacturing and inspection records on nine solid fuel motor rocket systems [Trident I, C-4; Trident II, C-5; Titan IV, Delta, Pershing II, Sram, MX – Peacekeeper; Pegasus, and ICBM] over a ten year period.

Does v. Roe Hospital District

A $30,000,000 pre-litigation settlement with a large hospital district that arose from one single medical malpractice case. Through our extensive investigation we determined that this was not an isolated incident of malpractice but rather a corporate profit-driven course of conduct that allowed for dozens of patients to needlessly suffer unnecessary joint replacement surgeries.

In re Depuy Orthopedics Inc. ASR Hip Implant Litigation and Pinnacle Hip Implant Litigation

Recovered millions of dollars to-date on behalf of victims of the defective Depuy ASR and Pinnacle Hip litigation. Unlike many law firms who advertise heavily with over the top commercials and websites, our mass tort attorneys are very selective in the cases they take. We will only represent mass tort victims whose cases we are ready, willing and able to take to trial. We strive to maintain quality and not quantity in the selection and preparation of our medical device cases.

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