Every client matters.
You matter.

Restoring lives
one client at a time.

Over $1 billion in
verdicts and settlements.

A tradition of excellence.
A focus on the future.



We have taken on and beat many of the largest corporations and insurance companies in America. Why? Because you matter. We’re not afraid to take cases all the way to trial when necessary. Other firms will settle for what is offered to you. We fight to get you everything you’re entitled to.


recovered for clients in verdicts and settlements

Fire, smoke, or soot damage from a recent wildfire?

Our fire team has extensive experience fighting for victims of wildfires.

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Personal Injury & Wrongful Death

Over 30 years experience handling cases dealing with life changing injuries and wrongful death resulting from: auto accidents; plane crashes; products liability; big rig vs. car accidents;  bus rollovers; high speed police chases; careless boaters; construction site negligence; dog bites; sporting events; faulty tires. Read more →

Business Litigation

Business Litigation Cases Including: breach of contract; fraud; interference with prospective business advantage; partnership disputes; patent infringement; unfair competition; bet-the-company litigation. Read more →

Condemnation & Eminent Domain

We handle all types of condemnation and eminent domain cases including: recovery of lost business value and goodwill; owner participation rights; pre-notice negotiations; recovery of just compensation for real property, improvements, machinery and equipment; soil remediation issues. Read more →

Class Action & Mass Tort

Class Action and Mass Tort Litigation involving defective products such as medical implants, cars and trucks, appliances, and unfair, fraudulent or unlawful business practices. Read more →

Medical Malpractice & Elder Abuse

Our firm has won some of the largest awards in history: breach of standard of care; brain damage; botched joint replacements; birth injuries; anesthesia errors; misdiagnosis; surgical errors; drug overdose. Read more →

Construction Defects

Our firm helped pioneer construction defect litigation in California. Today we handle all types of construction related cases including: soil expansion and subsidence; landslides and slope failures; stachybotris mold infestation; water damage to roofs, windows and walls; exterior stucco and siding problems; virtually all structural failures due to shoddy or sub-standard construction. Read more →

Received an airbag/SRS recall notice for your 2008, 2009, or 2010 vehicle?

If so, you may be entitled to money in addition to any fix offered by the recall —
even if you haven’t experienced a problem with the airbag’s performance.

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Wrongful Death


Serious car crash


Brain Injury


Semi truck collision


Nursing Home Neglect


False Advertising Claims


Sexual abuse


Prescription Drug Injuries

"There’s really no secret about what I do. I really do care for my clients; each case gets a piece of my soul."

– Vincent J. Bartolotta, Jr.

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