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Our success includes verdicts and settlements for injuries caused by failed implants, prescription drug injuries, surgical injuries and death, nursing home neglect and birth injuries.

Below are our more interesting cases. If you cannot find a case similar to yours, please call us as this list only represents a few of the medical malpractice cases we have handled.

Doe v. Roe Hospital

$3,000,000.00 lifetime settlement for a medical malpractice case resulting from a breach of standard of care issue. Our client went to the hospital’s emergency room to seek treatment for intractable pain in his neck and arm. After testing the hospital admitted him so they could run a series of scans to rule out a stroke and/or other neurological issues. Despite the doctor’s order to put him on a CPAP machine, the staff failed to do so and then compounded their error by administering dilaudid, a respiratory suppressant narcotic. Our client’s breathing slowed to the extent that he finally went into respiratory arrest and suffered an anoxic brain injury.

Roe et al vs. Doe Medical Group and Doe M.D.

A $5,997,327.00 jury verdict for a wrongful death resulting from a misread biopsy slide from a patient with squamus cell carcinoma. By the time the mistake was caught the cancer was widespread, eventually killing our client.

(Plaintiff’s name removed at family’s request) v. United States of America

A medical malpractice case involving breach of standard of care. Our client was left severely brain damaged when the surgeon removed healthy brain tissue in an attempt to treat a benign condition after failing to perform the correct tests. The second surgery on our client ignored standard procedures for this kind of operation and was performed without adequate support staff being available. The resulting bleeding and brain swelling left our client profoundly disabled. The lead attorney on this case was partner Kevin F. Quinn.

Hildebrand v. Karen Donaldson, MD & Desert Hospital

Tamara Hildebrand, Koles mother, brought Kole in to Desert Hospital to be evaluated for an elevated temperature (to 105 degrees); irritability and not eating. Dr. Donaldson believed this was due to a viral illness, prescribed Ibuprofen, and sent Kole home. Over the next four days, Kole continued to spike high fevers, despite the Ibuprofen. His temperature never fell below 101 degrees. For the next two weeks Kole continued to be seen by Dr. Donaldson, who eventually prescribed Prelone, a steroid. Eventually Kole developed seizures and was admitted to Loma Linda Medical Center with a diagnosis of acquired cerebral palsy. Plaintiff contended that the continued prescription of Prelone, a steroid, reduced the severity of the symptoms and masked the infection with in Koles system. As a result of this negligence, Koles infection went untreated and eventually developed into spinal meningitis causing brain damage, seizures and blindness. A complex case involving Desert Hospital and two doctors. One doctor settled for $600,000.00 before trial. Jury awarded economic damages of $2,750,000.00 and non-economic damages of $1,250,000 (reduced to $250,000 under MICRA) with a future economic value of approximately $20,000,000.00 (medical and wage loss).

Olsen (minor) v. Regents of University of California

Medical malpractice. Two-year-old Steven Olsen fell on a tree stump, a splinter of which penetrated his face and tattooed the maxillary sinus with debris. The wound was surgically treated. Ten days later he was readmitted to Childrens Hospital with a history of three to four days of increasing lethargy, frontal headache, fever as high as 103.7 degrees and the prior facial trauma. At Childrens Hospital, he was assessed by the chief resident for the Regents of the University of California who ordered the initial plan. The treatment plan did not include a CT Scan. He was followed in the hospital for 48 hours and was discharged and then readmitted 12 hours later in coma. Steven remains profoundly disabled. Jury awarded $11,285,965.00. General damages reduced to $250,000.00 by judge pursuant to MICRA.


Arturo Bonillas was admitted to Kaiser for a fifteen minute operation to have a cyst resected on his buttocks. Prior to the start of the procedure a spinal anesthetic was administered. Mr. Bonillas was placed on his stomach for the procedure and immediately began straining and pushing himself upwards. After approximately ten minutes into the procedure, Mr. Bonillas heart rate began to slow and he complained of shortness of breath. He then went into full cardiac arrest and was not resucitated for ten minutes. Mr. Bonillas remains in a vegetative state due to an anoxic brain injury. The arbitrators awarded aproximately $1,000,000.00 cash payment with an annuity that will pay a total of $120,000.00 per year with a 3% increase per year for life.

Dacia Patino v. Roe Homecare, Inc.

$700,000.00 settlement in a wrongful death case whose plaintiffs are the widow and infant daughter of decedent, Gerardo Patino. Gerardo was 29 years old. He had just undergone outpatient arthroscopic knee surgery. He was sent home, with arrangements for a nurse from Roe Homecare, Inc. to come out later that day to set up a morphine and antiobiotic pumps. The nurse came that evening, set up the pumps and left. The nurse had misprogrammed the morphine pump, causing it to administer ten times the prescribed dosage. Gerardo went into respiratory distress and cardiac arrest. He died the next morning.

Greenleaf v. United States of America

$2,836,184.45 bench verdict against the United States of America for a brain damaged baby.

John Doe (minor) v. Doctor Defendant & ABC Hospital

A medical malpractice case involving plaintiff Mrs. Doe who gave birth to her son, John Doe, at ABC Hospital. Labor was difficult because of shoulder dystocia. The doctor struggled for at least 6 minutes attempting to deliver the shoulders by manually pulling, twisting an turning the babys head, neck and shoulders. Mother was administered no anesthesia. Because of the doctors manipulation and force pulling on the babys head, his neck was broken causing catastrophic permanent quadraplegia. Just two days short of the babys first birthday, he died of complications of the quadriplegia. Case settled by way of structured settlement with payments totaling approximately $1,700,000.00.

Villa v. UCSD Medical Center et al

A $2,600,000.00 settlement for a medical malpractice case for failing to identify fetal distress and for failing to perform a timely cesarian section. Client was sent home instead without any instructions concerning the monitoring of the fetus for well being. Client remains totally disabled, profoundly mentally retarded and requires constant care and attention.

DOE v. DOE, M.D. Brain Aneurysm

A $950,000.00 settlement in a medical malpractice case involving standard of care issues after an MRI showing an brain aneurysm was overlooked by Dr. Doe. Had the aneurysm not been overlooked it could have been removed 8 months before it ultimately ruptured. Lead attorney was partner Kevin Quinn with former associate Eric Seiken.

Doe v. Roe, et al. Standard of Care

$1,215,000.00 settlement on behalf of a woman who went to Roe hospital showing clear symptoms of a stroke, but was misdiagnosed as having a migraine. Our client eventually collapsed from a stroke that left her permanently disabled. Complicating this were repeated falls she suffered when left alone in the hospital against the treating physician’s orders. Lead attorney was partner Kevin F. Quinn and former associate Eric Seiken.

Edith Solis v. Regents of University of California and Children’s Hospital

A $250,000.00 settlement for a baby with Down’s Syndrome and a partially formed esophagus. At 3 months old doctors inserted a tube into the child’s stomach and while doing so punctured a hole in his stomach wall. Sepsis resulted and the doctors failed to notice the infection that led to the child’s death. Lead attorney was partner Kevin F. Quinn with former associate Eric Seiken.

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